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Kaan Guner, WordPress Consultant


We’re delighted to have you explore our website and blog. My name is Kaan, hailing from the vibrant and sunny city of San Diego, California.

About Me:

With a rich and diverse background in technology, I’ve spearheaded the development of numerous software solutions and websites, specializing in ASP.NET C#, PHP, and more. My creative journey has led me to design and implement innovative extensions and plugins for Joomla and WordPress, including an online reservation system, a comprehensive course and student management interface, an API scraper, and a dynamic page builder, among others.

My experience extends beyond development; I have led and collaborated with teams of programmers and SEO specialists from a wide array of countries and cultures, enriching my professional journey and fostering a global perspective. Since 2011, I have been at the helm of Polar Mass, a testament to my commitment to excellence and innovation in the digital domain.

Thank you for stopping by. I look forward to sharing insights, stories, and experiences with you.