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Polar Mass is a WordPress development and marketing agency that is focused on bringing you more profit while passionately pursuing trends, strategies and tactics. Our team of developers and designers will work with you to create a website that truly represents your business.

We are based in San Diego, California and serve clients nationwide. Our goal at Polar Mass is to provide the best service for the best clients. We understand that every client has different needs and expectations, so we will work with you to develop a custom-tailored solution that meets all of your requirements.

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With 15 years of experience working with corporate travel agencies, logistics companies, wholesalers and startups, Polar Mass knows exactly how to grow and automate your business. Our team has a strong background in web development, search-engine-optimization, Google Adwords management and much more.

Working with us means you will get a variety of added-values such as our local SEO tips. Our core services include but not limited to WordPress website design, web development, website maintenance, search-engine-optimization and Google Ads management.   We look forward to hearing from you and bringing your project to life.


Engineering Firm Web Design
E-commerce Website Design
WordPress Web Designer in San Diego

WordPress Development Services

  • Custom WordPress Design & WordPress Theme Creation
  • WordPress Plugin Creation & Tweaks
  • Woocommerce Optimization & Addons, Custimization
  • Online Reservation & Payment System Integration
  • Custom API Development
  • WordPress Bug Fixes & Page Speed Optimization



Jessie Flores
Jessie Flores
My company is small does all it's internal marketing internally. Polar Mass reached out to us for a free consultation to look out how we were faring online. I expected the meeting to be more of a sales pitch but that wasn't the case at all. The consultant, Kaan, was really knowledgeable and gave actual advice that I could take and move forward with. I am actually surprised at how useful the meeting was! Definitely recommend them.read more
Corina Presutti
Corina Presutti
Kaan and his team at Polar Mass have been so helpful in getting my digital presence up and running. I had a website designed that looked nice but didn't have much functionality in terms of people actually finding it! His services were awesome in providing the keywords and SEO strategy for me to implement. He even met with me in person and showed me how much of the strategy works online and walked me through what and how to do what I needed to do! Great service and really passionate about helping small local businesses thrive online! Thanks Kaan!read more
Mike Wang
Mike Wang
I hired Kaan as a SEO consultant - Well worth the price. You should hire him to get secret sauce and experience very quickly. Everybody can websites these days but not everyone can design a money making machine. Kaan offered insights that was worth at least 10x the price he charges. I look forward to hiring him for our other projects in the near future.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you are experienced to look deep into how Polar Mass was designed by Kaan, you will see he has implemented things very few businesses do. There is HUGE opportunity getting customers online. It's fortunate that few businesses actually implement and execute.
read more
Jeff Milber
Jeff Milber
Kaan was a great help to me and navigated me through the complicated process of maximizing efficiency with my digital storefront and online presence. I am not versed in computer or website management and he made it easy to understand, specifically when dealing with my insurance agency's search engine optimization (SEO). I highly recommend Kaan for web consulting , SEO and any other service he provides. He is a true professional as well who provides web meetings to make things even more convenient.read more
Kaan is very knowledgeable. In the short consult I had with him he demonstrated his expertise in analysis of keywords and subsequent page ranking results. He was also able to share small do-it'yourself tips with me that were straight forward and easy to implement. In the game of SEO, every little trick counts. Kaan is very knowledgeable about what he is doing and has good follow through unlike so many of the other consultants I have used. Thank youread more
Jamey Layman
Jamey Layman
Polar Mass reached out to me just when I needed them and together we have improved my online advertising effectiveness beyond my expectations. They are talented, cost effective and accessible. I highly recommend them and hope to do more work with them in 2018.