5 Reasons Why Hiring A Senior WordPress Developer Will Save You Money

hiring senior wordpress developer

When it comes to outsourcing website development, I often hear people say they are able to handle the task themselves (spoiler alert: if you’re reading this post, you’re not) or that they want to hire a cheap developer. The thing is, cheap developers tend to get more expensive in the long run. Hiring a senior developer will save you money.

1) Senior WordPress Developers Do It Right The First Time

It’s not a secret that hiring senior developers is more expensive than hiring junior developers. But what some might not realize is that hiring senior WordPress developers will save you money in the long run. The reason is simple: senior developers do it right the first time and avoid potential problems down the road. If you’ve hired a new developer fresh out of college and they’ve made mistakes that you’ll need to correct, you may start to wonder if you should have hired a more experienced developer—if only to prevent those unneeded corrections.

For example, when your new hire uses their own code instead of the WordPress Core code, they’re going to have to maintain their own code instead of updating the core whenever a security flaw arises. They’ll also have to update their code independently of WordPress updates, which will lead to two versions of your site running on top of each other with some outdated functions silently overwriting newer ones. That’s just one example; there’s no telling how many other issues will arise as your inexperienced developer learns about WordPress and PHP as he goes along—and how much time and money those issues will cost you in the end.

2) Senior WordPress Developers Don’t Make Amateur Mistakes

The biggest problem with hiring a junior developer is that they make a lot of mistakes. They don’t comment their code, they hardcode things, they don’t know how to use plugins and they don’t know how to optimize their site. This means that when you have to hire someone else to fix their mistakes, it will cost you more money in the long run.

A senior developer can save you money because they will do things properly from the beginning. They know how to use plugins and optimize their code for efficiency. They know how to fix problems without causing more problems (and without breaking everything else). They also understand SEO principles better than most juniors do so they can get your site ranking higher organically (which saves you money on PPC campaigns).

3) Senior WordPress Developers Know How To Write Clean Code That Loads Faster

When it comes to hiring developers with that special senior touch, you should know that it’s not just about the number of years they’ve spent trying to destroy the universe. A senior WordPress developer has mastered the art of keeping their code lean and mean, so that their sites load faster—which could be a big deal for your business if you care about SEO or mobile visitors who get frustrated when things take too long.

Some of these senior developers have even learned how to keep their code clean enough so that it can be easily maintained by other people, which will save you tons of money in the long run if you plan on having multiple employees work on your site rather than doing all your own updates yourself.

4) Senior WordPress Developers Know How To Test Everything

The average person using the internet doesn’t realize that most websites are not built “mobile-first.” That is, they were not designed from the ground up to work well on every device—including desktops, tablets and smartphones. As a result, websites often look terrible on mobile devices and aren’t optimized for touch interfaces. This makes them unusable for users who are browsing the web with their phones—which happens to be more people than ever now that internet usage is dominated by mobile devices. Because of this, it’s important for you to hire a senior WordPress developer who knows how to test their work on every device under the sun. A good developer will make sure that everything looks good and works well on every conceivable screen size and interface style. They know how to do this because they’re doing it as they develop, not just at the end as an afterthought. If you want your website to succeed, hire someone who knows how to think about design holistically and make sure that everything has been considered at every level.

5) Senior WordPress Developers Are Like A Swiss Army Knife (But Better)

It’s true that you can find a junior developer to create a basic website for you, but if you want a truly successful website, it will require more than just an entry-level developer.

Why? Because there are so many moving parts in any good WordPress website — from content management systems and ecommerce platforms to plugins and extensions — that only a senior developer can truly understand how all of these pieces fit together. They’re like the Swiss army knife of web development.

The fact is that senior developers have been working with WordPress for years and know the platform inside and out. They’ve seen every possible problem, complication, and issue that could come up when developing websites on top of the platform. And they’ve learned how to fix those problems quickly without breaking anything else along the way!


There’s no denying that hiring a senior developer has its costs. But the benefits are numerous, and you will no doubt save money in the long run by ensuring that your WordPress project is properly coded from the ground up. After all, every second you spend worrying about your old code is time you could be using to make your business more successful.