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On-page Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a practice of ranking your website higher in search results for desired keyword search terms and it all starts with website optimization. This is called on-site SEO. Having a beautiful looking website alone is not enough to get organic traffic. Thankfully, you may use our Free SEO Analysis Tool to start identifying SEO issues on your website!

Off-page Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever heard of backlinks? In order to rank in Google your website needs backlinks, referrers and industry specific mentions. Unlike the shady SEO experts we actually help you get quality backlinks and keep everything we do transparent.

There is no secret sauce, no over-promises, or guarantees when it comes to off-site SEO. We have years of experience and provide the best service by consulting you along the way. Why don’t you try out our Free 30-min SEO Consultation?

Off-site SEO Optimization
Local vs. National SEO

Local vs. National SEO

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is mainly broken into two parts. If you own a small business and hoping to rank for a keyword such as “nail salon san diego” you will need Local SEO. Your business location is the most important factor when it comes to targeting customers in a micro-region.

On the other hand, if your products or services target a larger audience, perhaps, nationwide, your website requires National SEO methods. If you need clarification or help with your strategy you can always contact us!

Professional SEO Audit & Competitor Analysis

At Polar Mass we also offer a unique and personalized SEO Audit service. Don’t worry, we won’t give you a single page PDF generated by some automation software.

Our professional SEO audit consists of detailed on-site SEO analysis, competitor analysis, backlink investment projections and much more. A typical turnaround is within two weeks. Then, we explain you or findings via screen share conference call. Are you interested?

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